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Lord Jim Knight, Tes Global

Jim Knight works in education, medtech and as a legislator. He’s the chief education and external officer at Tes Global Ltd., a news, training, jobs and resource sharing service for teachers, where he’s responsible for Tes resources, communications and public affairs. He founded Tes Institute in 2014, which is now the fifth largest qualifier of teachers in England. Knight is also a founder of XRapid, an innovative business that uses artificial intelligence to power the diagnosis of malaria and asbestos fibres using iPhones. As a UK government minister, his portfolio includes rural affairs, schools, digital and employment. He was a member of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet from 2009-2010, before joining the House of Lords after the 2010 general election. He’s also a visiting professor at the Knowledge Lab of the UCL Institute of Education and chair of Whole Education.


The Importance of Wellbeing for Teachers Globally

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