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Saturday, December 5, 9:00–9:45 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)
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Chanel Alford-Campbell  
Aimee Molihan  

As female technology integration specialists, we've noticed a lack of women in the technology field. Our session will focus on catering technology to young ladies. We will discuss and demonstrate various technologies, including coding (Codesters, Make Code, Code Spark), drones, spheros, quiver fashion (augmented reality), merge cube and video games.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Windows, Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Topic: Computer science & computational thinking
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: STEM/STEAM, Computer science
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
Visionary Leadership
  • Contribute to the development, communication and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive use of technology to support a digital age education for all students.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The purpose of our presentation is to introduce attendees to ways to encourage young ladies to become more involved in the field of computer science.

1. To inform participants about our female coding club, how to start one, and the curriculum we have created.

2. To introduce participants to several coding programs: codesters, make code, and code spark

3. To introduce participants to quiver fashion (augmented reality). With quiver fashion, students can print coloring pages and use the app to create fashion shows with virtual reality and 3-D models. The creation literally rises from the page and looks real in the application.

4. Participants will be introduced to parrot mambo drones and their uses to engage female participants.

5. Participants will be introduced to merge cube (holograms) and video games.

We will have models of all the items present at the session.


Session Outline
(Amount of time spent on each item in parentheses)

I. Introduction of Presenters and Background in Using Coding and Overview of the Session (Including a survey of the audience)
A. Chanel's Introduction (2)
B. Aimee's Introduction (2)

II. Introduction of Coding Club
A. How it Started/Getting Young Ladies Interested/Advertising (5)
B. Curriculum We Created That is Used in the Program (5)

III. Introduction and Explanation of Various Programs To Engage Young Ladies
A. Coding Programs: Codesters, Make Code, and Code Spark (15)
B. Quiver Fashion - Augmented Reality (15)
C. Parrot Mambo Drones - (5)
D. Merge Cube (holograms) and Video Games (10)

We plan on engaging the audience through surveys about their technology usage with young ladies, as well their knowledge of the tools we are using today.

Supporting research

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Aimee Molihan, alexandria City public schools

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