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The Chrome Place

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Participate and share : Interactive lecture

Thursday, December 3, 2:15–3:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Tricia Louis  
Have you ever wanted to make your time on Google Chrome more productive? Welcome to "The Chrome Place" and everything Chrome is awesome! During your time in "The Chrome Place" you will learn about some quick tips/tricks/ideas to make your browser time productive and enjoyable.

Audience: Coaches, Teachers, Library media specialists
Skill level: Intermediate
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Attendees should have access to their institution and personal google accounts (usernames/passwords). All of the tools connect through these accounts, so no other account information is needed.
This session is primarily focused on teachers/students who utilize laptops (Mac/PC/Chromebook), but there will also be information given about using some of the tools on tablets (iOS or Android). Many of my resources are device agnostic, but some are device specific.
Topic: Online tools, apps & resources
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.
For Coaches:
Digital Age Learning Environments
  • Maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources for teacher and student use in technology-rich learning environments.
Additional detail: Session recorded for video-on-demand
Related exhibitors:
Google, Inc.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

This session is designed to give teachers/coaches more ideas on how to utilize the power of Google Chrome and Google Suite for Education. I have presented this session not only to the teachers in my district, but to others in small & large audiences and all participants have come away with a variety of ways to make their use of the Chrome browser and the Google Suite more powerful. I have also presented this session at a conference for Administrative Assistants. We sometimes forget as tech coaches to include our administrative and support staff on training opportunities...they can benefit from so many of the topics that I am covering in this session. I am hoping that the tech coaches can take the ideas presented in this session back to their schools and help their administrative and support staff with using technology better. Also, I have been a firm believer that if we make teachers more comfortable in using digital tools themselves, they will be more likely to have success having their students use these same digital tools.


(For 60 minute session - but this can be expanded/contracted for whatever time I am given)
Introduction/Sharing Resource Link (3 min.)
Google Chrome Bookmarking Tips (5 min.)
--Bookmarks Bar
--Editing Bookmarks
Google Chrome Tab Tricks (5 min)
--Opening/Closing Tabs
--Multiple Tabs/Screens
Google Chrome Extensions To Try (10 min)
--A small list of the extensions that I have found very useful
Google Drive Organization Ideas (5 min)
--Naming Sequence
--Priority/Workspaces (in GSuiteEdu)
Google Suite Ideas Docs/Sheets/Slides (10 min)
--Page Setup
Additional Web Resources (10 min)
--A small list of websites that work great in the classroom
Accessibility Settings [Devices/Browser] (8 min)
--Basic Chromebook & iPad Accessibility Settings
Closing/Questions (4 min)
--Wrapping up the presentation and taking any questions. I will of course have the floor open to questions along the way, but I will be sure to cover the content and answer questions. I like to work in a format where it is open and available for audience questioning!

Supporting research

I do not have any resources for formal research on this subject, but I can tell you that teachers that have used this in their classrooms in my local district have found it very useful for students to be able to understand the content on a much deeper level. As I have delved deeper into the different tools, I have found ways to connect it to a plethora of content/subject areas.

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Tricia Louis, Richland School District

Tricia Louis is an #edtech advocate. In her position as the Technology Integration Professional at the Richland School District, she brings individual & group training to the 200+ staff employed there. Tricia is proud to be a part of the Google For Education Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher, and Microsoft in Education Expert Programs. Tricia shares her passion for edtech at conferences and EdCamps in many different locations. In her personal life, Tricia is a musician in several local groups and she also enjoys travel and photography as her hobbies.

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