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Reaching all Learners/ UDL Lightning Talk

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Multi-presentation

Sunday, November 29, 9:00–9:45 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Kyle Gatchalian  
Diana Gill  
Lance Key  
Laura Ogando  
Nate Ridgway  
Clay Smith  
Melissa Stark  

These inspirational talks about innovation in education focus on knowledge, learning and evidence-based practices that work. Presenters will share stories, concepts and ideas on important issues that impact teaching and learning..

1. Chromebooks and G Suite Productivity Apps for Students with Disabilities, Kyle Gatchalian, Baltimore City Public Schools; Lance Key, VITAL UPPER CUMBERLAND E LEARNING CTR 2. Digital Inclusion Lab: Intro to Web Accessibility, Laura Ogando & Clay Smith, NYC Department of Education
3. Don't Ditch That Tech: Podcasting Beyond the Classroom, Nate Ridgway, Teaching From The Ridge
4. Face It! Instructional Videos Featuring YOU!, Diana Gill, East Porter County School Corporation
5. Learning How to Apply the Communnucation Bill of Rights With Accessible Technology, Melissa Stark, NYC DOE


Kyle Gatchalian, Baltimore City Public Schools
Diana Gill, East Porter County School Corporation
Lance Key, Putnam County - Vital
Laura Ogando, New York City Department of Education
Nate Ridgway, Teaching From The Ridge

Nate is a tech-loving history teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. He's a co-author of Don't Ditch That Tech: Differentiation in a Digital World and a co-host of the podcast "Make It 'Til Friday". He specializes in lesson design and differentiation, and also is licensed in Special Education Mild Interventions. He's taught in both middle school and high school settings, but currently is enjoying teaching World History & Dual Credit U.S. History. He is currently finishing a Masters degree in History at University of Indianapolis.

Clay Smith, NYC Department of Education

Clay is a self taught programmer. He works for the NYC Department of Education supporting digital Accessibility and Inclusion. Clay recently taught Computer Science at Cambria Heights Academy in Queens. He previously coordinated the Drama and Technical Theater departments at LaGuardia High School, (the school that inspired the movie"Fame"). He is a Google Innovator, #Lon19, certified Apple Teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator.

Melissa Stark, New York City Department of Education

Melissa Stark is a Special Education & Ed Tech Model Teacher at P94M in New York City’s Department of Education, which is part of District 75. District 75 serves students with significant disabilities. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, as well an Ambassador for Book Creator, Tobii Dynavox, Kahoot! and FlipGrid Student Voice. She is also an Apple Teacher and is Google Certified Level 1 . Melissa has presented at ISTE, Closing the Gap, EdxEdNYC and New York City’s Department of Education Technology Summits focusing on making curriculum more accessible to all.

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