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Digital Citizenship Lightning Talk

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Listen and learn : Multi-presentation

Monday, November 30, 12:15–1:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Janea Menicucci  
Daniel Nemerow  
Christina Nunez  
David Pratt  
Dr. Anastasia Trekles  
Manghui Tu  
William Watts  

These 12-minute inspirational talks about innovation in education focus on knowledge, learning and evidence-based practices that work. Presenters will share stories, concepts and ideas on important issues that impact teaching and learning..

1.Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship: Practical Applications for Grades 6-12, David Pratt, Purdue University Northwest; Anastasia Trekles, Centier Bank; Manghui Tu, Purdue University Northwest
2. Digital Citizenship: Promote a Proactive Classroom Culture (Website Escape Room), Janea Menicucci, Albuquerque Public Schools; Christina Nunez, Albuquerque Public Schools
3 Stop Talking About Digital Citizenship and Start Living It, Daniel Nemerow, Patriot High School, PWCS, VA; William Watts, Charles J. Colgan High School


Janea Menicucci, Explore Academy

Janea Menicucci has been a master educator for 20 years. She is the Director of Informational and Educational Technology for Explore Academy. She helps teachers and schools integrate technology in their classrooms. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Level 2 Certified. She incorporates her background in Universal Design for Learning in all of her professional development. She is an active member with the NM ISTE chapter and ISTE. She is the Treasurer for the NM ASCD affiliate. She has a podcast called Hallway Renegades and is a founding member of EdCamp NM.

Daniel Nemerow, Gainesville High School, PWCS, VA

Daniel is starting his 6th year as an instructional technology coach. Previously a math teacher and VSTE teacher of the year award winner, Daniel‘s focus now has largely been on the implementation of teacher tools in the classroom to change how students have access to and are assessed on content objectives. Daniel has four kids, a wife of 15 years, a puppy, and flutters between Gryffindor and Slytherin depending on his mood. Dan’s Areas of Expertise: Khan Academy Ambassador, Common Sense Ambassador, Nearpod Certified Educator, Edpuzzle Certified Coach, Flipgrid Certified, & Google Certified Educator. @MrNumero on Twitter &

Christina Nunez, Albuquerque Public Schools
ISTE Certified Educator

Christina Nunez has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She has taught with Albuquerque Public Schools for 15 years as a teacher and also in leadership roles. She currently works with the Educational Technology Department at APS as a Technology Resource Teacher. She is a Google Certified Trainer, a Seesaw Ambassador, EdPuzzle Coach, Screencaster Master, Common Sense Media Ambassador and an Apple Teacher. She is a member of ISTE and is working toward her ISTE Certification. She provides teachers trainings in both Apple and Google digital tools at APS.

David Pratt, Purdue University Northwest
Dr. Anastasia Trekles, Centier Bank
Manghui Tu, Purdue University Northwest
William Watts, Charles J. Colgan High School

Mr. Billy is the technology coach at Colgan HS. He is PWCS born and raised. His career began as a special education teacher at PACE West School, followed as the instructional technology coach at Ellis Elementary School. Mr. Watts is passionate about mentoring students to build healthy relationships in person and online. Mr. Billy is a father of two daughters, a husband to an understanding wife. He is a giant AV nerd and does a decent Cookie Monster impression. Billy’s Areas of Expertise: Common Sense Ambassador Video Creation Podcasting @MrBillyWatts on Twitter

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