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Listen and learn : Multi-presentation

Friday, December 4, 12:30–1:15 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Shayla Adams-Stafford  
Rich Dixon  
Leigh Fitzgerald  
Dr. Mark Hines  
Myla Lee  
Katie Manzanares  
Dr. Lisa Mireles  
Charity Parsons  
Stanley Richards  
Lacrecia Terrance  

These inspirational talks about innovation in education focus on knowledge, learning and evidence-based practices that work. Presenters will share stories, concepts and ideas on important issues that impact teaching and learning..

1. Debunking Myths and Decolonizing Curricula With PBL, Shayla Adams-Stafford, RemixEducation; Myla Lee, PBLWorks National Faculty; Charity Parsons, iDoSchool; Lacrecia Terrance, theEduProject
2. Making Your PBL Dream a Reality: Personalizing Project Plans for Your Students, Rich Dixon, PBLWorks/Buck Institute for Education; Lisa Mireles, PBLWorks: Buck Institute for Education; Stanley Richards, PBLWorks
3. UXD: Designing Unforgettable Educational Experiences, Katie Manzanares, Legend High School
4. Technology Meets PBL And Inquiry - A Perfect Match - even virtually!, Mark Hines & Leigh Fitzgerald, Mid-Pacific Institute

Influencer Disclosure: This session includes a presenter that indicated a “material connection” to a brand that includes a personal, family or employment relationship, or a financial relationship. See individual speaker menu for disclosure information.


Shayla Adams-Stafford, RemixEducation
Rich Dixon, PBLWorks/Buck Institute for Education

Rich is the Director of Online Learning at PBLWorks/Buck Institute for Education and is passionate about applying his over 25 years as a teacher, administrator, staff developer, IT director, and curriculum coordinator to professional development in order to promote personalized learning that addresses educational equity issues. He is a national speaker who has presented on a wide range of emerging educational technology topics, including digital badges and technology enhanced pedagogy. Rich also helped develop leadership capacity for cabinet level school district administrators as a faculty member of the Education Innovation Alliance.

Leigh Fitzgerald, Mid-Pacific Institute
Dr. Mark Hines, Mid-Pacific Institute
Myla Lee, PBLWorks National Faculty
Katie Manzanares, Legend High School
Dr. Lisa Mireles, PBLWorks: Buck Institute for Education
Charity Parsons, iDoSchool
Stanley Richards, PBLWorks
Lacrecia Terrance, theEduProject

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