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From Text to Tech: Celebrating Reading in the 21st Century

Participate and share

Participate and share : Poster

Sunday, November 29, 9:30–10:30 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Kristina Holzweiss  
Chances are you became an educator because you love to read and want to share that joy with your students. But how can reading books compete with screen time? Together we will explore ways that we can promote books through low-tech means, as well as apps and web tools.

Audience: Library media specialists, Professional developers, Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices required
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Flipgrid
Google Slides
Microsoft Sway
Adobe Spark
Topic: Library/media
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Language arts
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Model and nurture creativity and creative expression to communicate ideas, knowledge or connections.
For Students:
Creative Communicator
  • Students create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into new creations.
Knowledge Constructor
  • Students curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods to create collections of artifacts that demonstrate meaningful connections or conclusions.
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Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

1. Participants will use digital tools to create resources for promote reading in their learning community.
2. Participants will create ways to integrate what they have learned into their curriculum.
3. Participants will reflect on their learning and their future goals.
Final paper/product/project: The teachers will create a digital portfolio to illustrate what they have learned during this session.


What I’m Reading Sign and Discussion (10 minutes)
Go to and create a poster about a book that has had a profound impact on your life. Take a screenshot of your poster and upload it to your discussion. Explain the impact that this book has had on you. Go to if you don’t know how to create a screenshot.
Go to and create a free account. (10)
Learn how to use Wakelet at Create a list of 5 of your favorite books, including a link to each book.
Create a twitter header or email signature with Canva (15 minutes)
Go to and create a free account. Learn how to use Canva at Create a twitter header or email signature to promote reading. You may include items such as your favorite books, what you are currently reading, a quote, etc. Upload your image.
Twitter Header:
Email Signature:
Create a green screen reading sign using or (15 minutes)
Take a photo of yourself and remove the background. Use if your background is busy, or if you have a solid background. Upload your image to Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Canva, or any other tool that you prefer. Experiment by adding a different background and a word bubble encouraging your students to read.
Create a GIF with GIPHY or EZGIF (15 minutues)
A GIF is a picture format that can hold multiple frames, creating an animation or autoplay slideshow. GIF stands for “Graphic Interchange Format.” Download images of 10 of your favorite books. Create a GIF using (beginner) or (advanced). Experiment by adding text and stickers.
reate a book trailer with Kapwing, Animoto, Adobe Spark, Microsoft Sway,
WeVideo, or Biteable (20 minutes)
Create a free account with one of the video creation web tools above. Use images, video, and audio to create a 2 to 3 minute video book trailer.
Create a Flipgrid for book recommendations (15 minutes)
Visit my book recommendations Flipgrid of my students: Create your own book recommendations Flipgrid for your students. 
Here is an ebook of directions if you need it:
Create a “This book is recommended by______” sign or book plate (15 minutes)
Read my blog post “Flipping Over Flipgrid QR Codes” Use whichever web tool you prefer (Buncee, Flipgrid, Wakelet, for example) to create a “This book is recommended by______” sign or bookplate with a QR code. This sign can be placed next to a book in a display, or a bookplate may be affixed to the inside of a book to help students choose a book recommended by his or her peers.
Create a digital book bento using Buncee, Flipgrid, or Thinglink. (15 minutes)
Read my post about digital book bentos here: Take a photo of a book of your choice and 5 items related to it. Go to,, or and create a free trial account. Create a digital book bento of your book with 5 interactive elements.
Create a Bookflix digital display. (20 minutes
Use this template to create a digital Bookflix display with Google Slides:

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Kristina Holzweiss, Syosset High School

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