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A Conversation With #EduColor's José Vilson About Inclusive Teaching (Live EdSurge Podcast)

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Panel

Thursday, December 3, 11:10–11:55 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Jose´ Vilson  
Jeffrey Young  

How can educators make their teaching more inclusive? The question has only gotten more pressing, and challenging, in this time of social unrest and political polarization. For this live episode of the EdSurge Podcast, we’ll sit down with José Vilson, co-founder and executive director of #EduColor and author of “This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education.”

Topic: Equity & inclusion

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The purpose of the session is to discuss the challenges of making teaching inclusive, share tips and best practices, and highlight resources for those who want to dig deeper.


- Introduction of guest
- Q&A with José Vilson, moderated by EdSurge senior editor Jeff Young
- Opportunity for questions and comments from the audience

Supporting research

Vilson wrote a book on this topic: This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education
EdSurge has also covered this topic extensively
This moment of widespread calls for social justice and antiracism work make this topic urgent for conference participants.

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Jose´ Vilson, EduColor

Jose Luis Vilson is the author of This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education. has spoken about education, math, and race for a number of organizations and publications, including the New York Times, The Guardian, TED, El Diario / La Prensa and The Atlantic. He's a National Board Certified teacher, a Math for America Master Teacher, and the executive director of EduColor (, an organization dedicated to race and social justice issues in education.

Jeffrey Young, EdSurge

Jeffrey R. Young is a senior editor at EdSurge, covering the intersection of tech and education and co-hosting EdSurge’s weekly podcast. He previously spent 20 years at The Chronicle of Higher Education as a reporter and editor. In 2014 he was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, where he was also a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Young has written for national publications including The New York Times, Slate, and The Wall Street Journal. Young has also taught classes and workshops on digital journalism, including at the University of Maryland and the University of Minnesota.

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