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Making world connections through diverse books

Listen and learn

Tuesday, December 1, 11:00–11:30 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Dr. Chris Haeffner  
Joy Harvey  

Hosted by Overdrive. Kids need books that reflect their own experiences as well as open their minds to new cultures. Learn how the Lincoln Public Schools’ (NE) annual MOSAIC display helps make these world connections and how the district has leveraged the Sora app to increase readership of these critical resources.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Technology coordinators/facilitators, Library media specialists
Topic: Library/media
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Language arts
Related exhibitors:
Sora, by OverDrive Education


Dr. Chris Haeffner, Lincoln Public Schools

Dr. Haeffner has been a school librarian for 19 years and now serves 60 schools and programs as the Director of Library Services for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Joy Harvey, Lincoln Public Schools

Joy Harvey is the coordinator of library services for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, NE.

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