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Newmark Education continues 1:1 student connection with Microsoft Teams

Listen and learn

Tuesday, December 1, 11:00–11:15 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Sonja Delafosse  
Tracy Goins  
Shannon Mastrogiovanni  
Dr. Regina Peter  

Hosted by Microsoft. Newmark Education is committed to success of students with disabilities, with curricula tailored to each student. Newmark implemented 1:1 devices with Windows devices using Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and OneDrive. The school was well prepared to transition to remote learning with 1:1 collaboration and interaction continuing on Teams and OneNote.

Audience: Teachers
Topic: Communication & collaboration
Grade level: PK-12


Sonja Delafosse, Microsoft
Tracy Goins, Microsoft
Shannon Mastrogiovanni, Newmark Education
Dr. Regina Peter, Newmark Education

Dr. Regina Peter is the Founder and serves as the Co-Executive Director of Newmark Schools. Dr. Peter is responsible for developing and implementing day-to-day management of both the elementary and high school for students with special needs. She supervises a staff of 75 educators, develops curriculum, monitors academic and social/emotional achievement of each student, and oversees all fiscal and facility management of the schools. Dr. Peter is responsible for all technology initiatives at Newmark. She is a forward thinking educator who always puts student and staff needs at the forefront of all decisions.

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