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We’ve built in new flexibility features to make this virtual event more accessible to educators from around the world.

  • Sessions span time zones across the globe.
  • Audio-only content allows you to listen as you strike out on an adventure.
  • Office hours with experts help personalize your learning.

In addition to our new sessions, we’re bringing back the session types that address various learning preferences, such as Lightning Talks, Deep Dive Workshops and Rapid Challenges. Read into the glossary below to see which sessions appeal to you.


  • Lightning Talks. These inspirational talks about creativity focus on knowledge, learning and evidence-based practices that work. Speakers wil share big-picture stories of how creativity builds the skills students need to thrive now and in the future.
  • Educator Stories. These 6-8 minute educator talks focus on student success stories with a creativity bent.
  • Creativity Chats. These conversations are sharing their experience in the classroom with creativity challenges and the impact on their learning and school experiences.


  • Offsite Adventure. Hear from media experts as they set the stage for an exciting offsite adventure! Learn tips and tricks for media gathering in formats such as video, sound, photography and sketchnoting. Take what you learned from exploring outside to use during workshops and dedicated project times.
  • Playgrounds. Experiment with different technologies in quick succession and learn a few basic tips for creating with an array of tools. You'll have the opportunity to play and create.
  • Energizers. Play games to meet new people, build camaraderie and change the pace.


  • Introductory Workshops. Discover a new idea, tool or instructional strategy! Get hands-on with a range of creative applications and innovative learning strategies.These workshops will model best practices to ensure an interactive model for student engagement and success.
  • Design Challenges. Get your creative juices flowing with group challenges that have both digital and analog options using simple materials and free tools. You’ll focus on creating with constraints – such as time and materials – and discover how liberating it can be to work through these barriers.
  • Daily Challenges. Check your inbox Monday through Friday to find the daily challenge. It might be analog or digital and will be an activity you can try out with your students.


  • Deep-Dive Workshops. These deep-dive educational workshops will peel back the layers of your curiosity to provide deeper learning. Experiment with new ideas and strategies for innovation and develop higher-level of problem-solving skills.
  • Creativity Coach Office Hours. This is your opportunity to connect with our experts to personalize your learning and design a new learning experience for students. Presenters will hold office hours to make sure you get the personal attention you need to try something new. Bring your questions!
  • Collaboration Studios. Join live discussion groups for deeper conversation, reflection and connection to peers. Learn tips and discover techniques, while you collaborate and share during these theme-based studios.

You've created, tested and evolved your ideas all week. Now it's time to show off and celebrate with the Creative Constructor Lab Showcase!

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