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Frederic Lim, Method Courses
ISTE affiliate: NYSCATE

Frederic Bernal Lim is a language acquisition specialist at Method Courses and a middle school English Language Learner (ELL) coordinator in Harlem, New York. He coaches teachers on adapting ELL strategies and loves gamified cross-curricular, problem-based learning netquests. Lim is a Fulbright grant recipient (Mexico and Peru) and was a U.S. State Department English language program specialist and fellow-select to Vietnam. He co-chairs the Dual Language School Improvement Grant (SIG) at New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (NYSTESOL), provides instructional consulting and facilitates workshops for teachers and trainers. He has inspired his ELLs in environmental stewardship in Plant Club and Fish Club for nearly 10 years.


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