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Saturday, October 3, 11:00–11:50 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning


Deep-Dive Workshop

Discover ideas and resources to help you quickly begin using sketchnotes in your classroom. You'll learn about the basic components of a sketchnote and the tools and apps to help you begin creating digital sketchnotes on an iPad or other tablet. Then you'll create a sketchnote during the session. You'll leave with resources, lessons, video tutorials and student examples.


1) Introduction to Sketchnotes (5 minutes)
2) Sketchnote hands on activity introduction (10 minutes)
3) Why sketchnotes? ISTE standards, research (10 minutes)
4) Tools and resources (15 minutes)
5) Student lesson examples (15 minutes)
6) Share projects, wrap up, questions (5 minutes)

Audience: Teachers
Topic: Creativity in the classroom
Grade level: K-12 and Higher Education
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Participants will need an iPad or other tablet and any drawing app to participate with this session. Suggested apps are Apple Notes, Tayasui Sketches School (or Pro), Keynote, Autodesk Sketchbook, Microsoft One Note, or Adobe Drawing apps (Fresco, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw). You also could use paper, pencil, and other drawing tools.
Standards addressed Knowledge Constructor - Learners who utilize a sketchnote strategy to document and reflect on their learning must use active listening and reading skills to visualize and organize facts and ideas. Using digital tools (like a tablet) to create the sketchnote allows them flexibility to find patterns and connections that demonstrate their knowledge. Creative Communicator - By using digital sketchnotes to visualize information and ideas, learners have a wealth of simulated drawing tools, unlimited colors, and helpful editing tools that free them to express their ideas in unique, creative ways. These tools also easily allow them to communicate their learning by sharing their product through social media to a global audience.

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Karen Bosch, Southfield Christian School

Karen Bosch is a PK-8 technology teacher at Southfield Christian School in metropolitan Detroit. She works with students and teachers to explore creative ways to use technology to reflect and extend student learning. Her background as an elementary classroom teacher helps her design meaningful learning activities that incorporate technology. She’s a 2007 Apple Distinguished Educator, Dremel Ideabuilder Ambassador, Book Creator Ambassador and 2018 Michigan Technology Using (MACUL) Teacher. Her special interests are creating media with iPads, digital sketchnotes and 3D printing.

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