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Saturday, October 3, 9:30–10:20 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Fun With Clips: A Mobile Movie Studio in Your Classroom


Introductory Workshop

Learn how to quickly integrate video into your classroom by recording and editing movies on an iPad or iPhone. Using Clips, learn basic rules of composition and editing, and discover ways to leverage video in your classroom.


iOS devices have fundamentally changed the way we can create video. Every part of the creation process--writing, recording, editing, and distributing--is possible on an iPad or iPhone. What used to take an advanced degree and a lifetime of dues is now possible on a device that can fit in a pocket.

Clips has themes that allow for quick, professional-looking videos. It is a non-linear editor, so sequences can be filmed out of order. Participants will collaboratively film and edit a short video using Clips, an iOS app. Projects in Clips can easily add graphics and custom soundtracks to create a polished product. Most notably, dictation automatically creates editable captions making videos more accessible for all.

Part 1
1. Writing
How video will be used in the classroom
Storyboard apps: Storyboards, Idea Boards, Index Card
Google form example:
Production organization document example:

2. Recording
Rules of Composition
Shooting to Edit
Lighting basics and demonstration
Room tone and sound tips
Special in-camera effects: forced perspective, time effects

3. Editing
Non-Linear editing
Foley sounds, Sound effects, Soundtracks
Graphics, custom titles

4. Distributing
YouTube mobile uploading
Display via AirPlay with Apple TV
Square format perfect for social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
California Student Media Festival

Part 2: Let’s Make a Movie!
Clips app demo
The challenge: interview someone, tell a story, or create a how-to
Upload to CUE Clips Flipgrid

Other apps
Adobe Spark video
Stop Motion
Action Movie FX
Pinnacle Studio Pro
Cameo, a Vimeo app
Vimeo Video School 101 [website]

Audience: Teachers
Topic: Video production
Grade level: 3-5
Participant accounts, software and other materials: iOS device required with Clips app installed (free Apple app)
Standards addressed 6b Creative Communicator: Students create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into new creations. The Clips app enables students to create original videos, including customized (and licensed!) music.

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Bill Selak, Hillbrook School

Bill Selak is the director of technology at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos, California. He believes that mobile devices compel educators to personalize instruction, and is curious about how teaching and learning shape a classroom. He’s an Apple Distinguished Educator, ISTE Certified Educator, Google Certified Innovator and ISTE Kay L. Bitter Vision Award recipient. Selak is currently obsessed with sharing his professional learning on Instagram Stories.

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