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See if the Digital Leadership Summit is a fit for your role

Digital Leadership Summit programming dives into issues common to education leaders everywhere and provides time to work with other leaders to create actionable solutions.

All content is designed specifically for district leaders! Here are a few examples of job roles that the summit would benefit:

  • Superintendent/deputy superintendent
  • Assistant superintendent
  • CTO / CIO / CAO
  • Directors of technology, innovation, curriculum and digital learning
  • District leaders with varying titles

Have a similar title and interested in attending? Request an invite and we’ll help determine if the Digital Leadership Summit is a fit!

Who's attending:

Districts from around the country are sending leaders to learn, network and think big at the Digital Leadership Summit.

Why attend:

The Digital Leadership Summit brings together district leaders nationwide to learn from each other about leveraging the power of technology for systemic change. The programming dives into issues education leaders face and provides time to work with other leaders to create actionable solutions.

By attending, you’ll get an understanding of how peers nationwide have created active and equitable learning experiences powered by technology; resources to help you take your organization to the next level with edtech; and the skills and resources to build, execute and measure a districtwide plan for learning with technology.

“It’s extremely important for leaders to attend events like the Digital Leadership Summit. I found multiple people that are dealing with the same issues that I face in my district.”
- Adam P., Director of Technology and Media Services

Thanks to this hands-on experience, and with the help of the new connections you’ll make, you’ll unpack a key need or challenge in your school system to uncover impactful next steps to accelerate your district’s work to leverage technology to improve learning.

Just as importantly, you will have connected to a new network of savvy-digital leaders and discovered a host of ISTE resources.

“I’m meeting people from across the nation who are here for the same reason — to learn from each other. We’re all rowing the same boat. We need to make sure that we work together and that we’re not in a competition, but aligned to the vision of doing the best we can to serve kids.”
- Estela S., Principal