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Company Description

The All-in-one for 1:1.

Blocksi is dedicated to providing insightful content filtering and classroom management systems to in-school or remote educators, IT directors, principals, and to the education technology market at large. It is hardware-free, non-proxy and fully distributed in the cloud.

Blocksi Manager Education everywhere features an Admin, Teacher, Parent, and a Principal dashboards to help filter students that are in school, as well as those signing in remotely, track their device and even detect signs of cyberbullying and harm within their Google apps and activate alerts.

Teachers can now manage their class in a hybrid setting or fully-remote: video conferencing, ttendance-taking, lockdown browser assessments, and screen monitoring are just some of the tools they can utilize to seamlessly run their classroom without interruptions.

Product Categories

  1. Classroom Technologies
  2. Curriculum and Instructional Tools
  3. Mobile Device Learning
  4. Remote/Cloud Computing

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