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eGlass l HoverCam

Company Description

Win a 35" eGlass Transparent Whiteboard! Click the "ENTER TO WIN" banner below for more entries.

About eGlass
We're excited to announce our biggest breakthrough in engaging instructional technology: eGlass, a transparent writing glass with a built-in camera. eGlass is the new whiteboard that will change the way we teach in-class, online, everywhere and anywhere.

eGlass marks a dramatic shift in pedagogical methodology. Never before has a teacher been able to "write on the board" while facing and making eye contact with their students. No educational technology has been this game-changing since the introduction of the chalkboard hundreds of years ago. Are you ready to enhance your lessons with the NEW whiteboard? Learn more at

About Hovercam
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Hovercam is an innovative technology leader in the education market. Our streamlined operations produce these market-changing products to keep learning environments engaging and interactive:

- Document Cameras (HDMI, USB, Wireless)
- Wireless Teaching Stations (Windows 10 PC, Document Camera, Mobile)
- Software (Virtual Whiteboarding, Document Camera Viewer)

Learn more at

Product Categories

  1. Classroom Technologies
  2. Curriculum and Instructional Tools
  3. E-Learning
  4. Higher Education Products and Services

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