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Square Panda

Company Description

At Square Panda, our mission is to ensure all children start their educational journey with the foundational literacy and language skills needed to maximize learning potential.

The Square Panda Literacy System builds foundational reading skills through a multisensory approach that reaches all learners wherever they’re learning, whether in the classroom or at home.

Based on brain science, the explicit, systematic phonics instruction adapts to each student, personalizing learning while supporting state and national academic standards.

Perfect for PreK-1st graders, as well as those that need extra foundational literacy support, the Square Panda Literacy System assesses and instructs, then allows students to apply, practice, and demonstrate learning. Developed by neuroscientists, the supplemental early literacy system is focused on the critical time when 85% of a child’s neurological circuitry is being developed.

From letter recognition and letter sounds to independent reading, students learn through an engaging experience that accelerates early language skills acquisition and develops confident, independent readers!

Product Categories

  1. Adaptive technology
  2. Classroom Technologies
  3. Curriculum and Instructional Tools
  4. E-Learning

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