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Solving the Fractions Problem: From Research to Classroom

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Laura Chervenak  
Hosted by ExploreLearning. Fractions knowledge by grade 5 uniquely predicts success in higher mathematics. Yet, tests show that it’s a struggle for many from grade 3 on. Fortunately, new research is finding instructional strategies that work. Join us to explore how applying an adaptive, game-based technology can help more students succeed.

Audience: Technology coordinators/facilitators, Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers
Topic: Online tools, apps & resources
Grade level: 3-5
Subject area: Math


Laura Chervenak, ExploreLearning

I am a former high school teacher and administrator and I've worked for ExploreLearning for 11 years, helping teachers to use Reflex, Gizmos, Science4Us and now Frax. Helping to solve the big problems in science and math instruction has been so rewarding!

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