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Leading Change in Challenging Times

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Frank Chiappone  
Robert Dickson  
Dina Ghobashy  
Kate Johnson  
Kimberly Moyer  
Logan Toone  

Hosted by Microsoft Corporation. Reverberations from the pandemic and its disruptions on education were felt far beyond remote classrooms and impacted every level within school and district organizations. In this session you will learn strategies from other school leaders on retaining talented teachers and leaders, maintaining continuity, and shaping the education workforce of tomorrow.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists
Topic: Leadership
Grade level: PK-12


Frank Chiappone, Microsoft
Robert Dickson, Wichita Public Schools
Dina Ghobashy, Microsoft

At Microsoft, Dina supports school leaders to deepen and expand their schools' education transformation. Passionate about education for social impact, she sees technology as a catalyst for realizing this vision. She spent the early part of her career at Intel developing expertise in adult learning, requirements discovery, program and change management before advising leaders worldwide on transforming education using technology. She was then the director of academic technology at French American International School. Dina holds a Ms in Computer Engineering from West Virginia University, a Ms in Education from Columbia University, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Cairo University.

Kate Johnson, Microsoft Corporation
Kimberly Moyer, Sequoia Middle School, FUSD
Logan Toone, Davis School District

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