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Blended Learning: Station Rotation Reimagined

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Kacie Germadnik  
Bobby Hartzog  

Hosted by SMART. Rethink the role that interactive flat panels play in student-centered instruction. Engage your students with the power of blended learning in the classroom through station rotation activities. Combine high-impact teaching practices and SEL with student application to design station activities that engage and provide immediate feedback for students.

Audience: Teachers, Coaches, Curriculum/district specialists
Topic: Innovative learning environments
Grade level: PK-12


Kacie Germadnik, SMART Technologies

Over Kacie's 20 years in education, she has been committed to integrating technology to empower both students and teachers. She is passionate about challenging learners of all ages to push past the boundaries of expectations by adopting a growth mindset and taking a leadership role in their learning. Kacie's expertise enables teachers to create an active learning environment, while personalizing learning for each student. Kacie believes discovering how to recognize and engage students' natural curiosity will create learners who can contribute original ideas to move innovation forward.

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