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Building Connections from Anywhere

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JoyAnn Boudreau  

After being virtual, hybrid, hybrid/full combo, and fully open this year, I have tried a lot of new strategies to connect with students and staff. Hear about what worked (and what didn't) along with technology and resources I used to assist my efforts. Librarians can build connections from anywhere!

Audience: Library media specialists, Teachers, Coaches
Skill level: Intermediate
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Topic: Library/media
Grade level: 6-12
ISTE Standards: For Education Leaders:
Empowering Leader
  • Support educators in using technology to advance learning that meets the diverse learning, cultural, and social-emotional needs of individual students.
Visionary Planner
  • Evaluate progress on the strategic plan, make course corrections, measure impact and scale effective approaches for using technology to transform learning.
Connected Learner
  • Develop the skills needed to lead and navigate change, advance systems and promote a mindset of continuous improvement for how technology can improve learning.


JoyAnn Boudreau, HSE Intermediate/Junior High

JoyAnn is a middle school librarian, a co-founder of EduPride Alliance, a member of the ISTE Librarian PLN, and the recipient of the Outstanding New School Librarian in 2019 from the Indiana Library Federation.

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