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Jessica Pack, James Workman Middle School
ISTE affiliate: CUE

As a middle school teacher for 17 years and a California Teacher of the Year (2014), Jessica has continually worked to redefine what learning looks like in her classroom. An ISTE author, Jessica's book, Moviemaking in the Classroom, will be released in October 2021. She is an advocate for student choice and voice, as demonstrated by the original content her students regularly publish for a global audience. She also spent over a decade as a professional development instructor and Consulting Teacher for a digital storytelling non-profit organization called DIGICOM Learning, aimed at promoting moviemaking in southern California classrooms.


Artifacts of Learning with Movie Making: I Am Poem

Digital StoryTelling Playground: Constructing Powerful Activities to Engage Students and Foster Creativity

Storytelling Through Moviemaking: Lifting Student Voices

What’s Your Angle? Building Visual Literacy for Better Movie Projects

Words Have Power: Storytelling to Lift Marginalized Voices