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STEAM Power: Animation in any Classroom

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Tim Needles

Smithtown High School East

Proposal summary

Tim Needles  
Learn the basics of animation and how it can be used in any learning environment to help engage students in fun learning. We'll examine different methods of animating using a variety of free and low-cost digital and traditional tools and create a short animation ourselves.


This workshop includes some hands-on creation and sharing along with peer-to-peer interaction and a critique so it is very engaging. Below is the basic timed outline:
15m: The workshop begins with a short introduction to animation including the basic types and elements to consider when using it in the classroom. We then progress to introduce some of the free resources we will use to create animation and how it works.
10m: We then explore ways to use animation projects in class to support learning and problem solving and how to incorporate global collaboration.
15m: We then create a short animation together using the free, online tools and share via Padlet.
10m: We wrap up by looking at some of the work and sharing some extensions, next steps, resources, and different tools that can be used in animation for education.

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