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Creative Identities

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Georgina Dean

Felsted School

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Georgina Dean  

Are you looking for ways your community can build their online presence in meaningful ways? Join me in exploring simple ways your community can build their identity creatively to connect, share, and collaborate locally and globally using a variety of EdTech tools in inspiring ways.


A brief slide deck demonstrating lesson artifacts illustrating creative identities will be shared. This is a TedTalk style inspirational catalyst presentation, so participants will be given tutorials and takeaways that they can use/adapt in their own lesson/PD delivery, in supporting brand and identity creation. A variety of digital creativity apps will be displayed (i.e. Adobe Fresco, Illustrator, Spark, XD, etc.), as well as alternative solutions for web-based learners. Participants can choose to create alongside me while I'm sharing, or complete the takeaways after the Catalyst Talk to share globally and celebrate creative problem solving.

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