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Christopher Bugaj

Loudoun County Public Schools

Karen Janowski

EdTech Solutions Inc

Mike Marotta

ATAC, Disability Rights New Jersey

Beth Poss

Beth Poss, Educational Consulting

Proposal summary

Christopher Bugaj  
Karen Janowski  
Mike Marotta  
Beth Poss  

Making provides educational experiences in which learners delight in inquiry and reflection, moving beyond consumption into creation. This session emphasizes engaging students in solving authentic problems to learning due to barriers from learning differences and physical access, using items commonly found in educational settings, including homes, promoting inclusive educational practices.


1. Introductions of presenters (5 min)
2. Defining the Inclusive Mindset (10 min): Participants will be engaged in a reflective chat using Jamboard or a similar tool, in which they are asked to consider their current mindset on inclusive practices
3. Learning Barriers--the presenters will ask for scenarios from the participants (and have sample scenarios available, if needed) as to what are common or unique barriers that learners encounter, considering especially learners with complex special needs. (10 min)
4. Creating an inclusive makerspace-creating a setting for all learners to engage in creative problem solving regarding solutions to overcome learning barriers: what strategies are effective and what tools and materials do you need? Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with facilitation from the presenters. (10 min)
5. Sharing of examples of how makers have designed and created resources to remove barriers. (10 min)
5. Gathering materials (5 minutes)
6. Hands-on making experience facilitated by the presenters, including step-by-step instructions. There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions, share their making on camera, and interact with each other as they problem-solve and design solutions. (15 min)
7. Gallery Walk/Sharing out from the group and conclusion (10 min)
8. Resources for further exploration will be provided at the conclusion of the session

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