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Awaken Student Innovation:Create High Impact Maker Learning and Design Thinking Challenges

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Caroline Haebig

School District of New Berlin

Proposal summary

Caroline Haebig  
This session will provide a variety of ready to use activities to develop maker, design thinking skills! These activities keep all students thinking creatively and solving mini-challenges in a distance or blended learning environments. These activities can be used as skill-builders to prepare students for larger design projects.


What and Why of Maker Learning
 -What is maker Learning
 -What’s the difference
Inclusive Learning
 -Activity: Inclusive Learner Profile - empathy Map- Zite Board
 -Activity: Card Sort- Maker / UDL
Key components for setting up design work:
 -Brainstorming Rules
 -Activity: Squiggle birds
 ZITE Board activity
-Visible Thinking/ Drawing
-Designing an inclusive makerspace
-GRASPS Designing a Maker / Design Challenge for your learners
Wallet Project Activity
Scaffolding the Design Process:
 Part 1:
 Part 2:
 Part 3:
 Part 4:
Closing Dot Storming

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