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Bring Learning to Life thru NonFiction Narratives

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Julie Jaeger

Minot, ND

Proposal summary

This is presentation 1 of 3 at station "STATION 4: StoryTelling to Elevate Students’ Thinking About Their Learning" within the playground "STATION 4: StoryTelling to Elevate Students’ Thinking About Their Learning"; scroll down to see more details.

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Julie Jaeger  

No matter what the curricular area, telling the story from the point of view of the item, concept, topic, artifact, historical period or figure being studied brings student learning to life. Participants will go through the process and share what they know in a mini version of the NonFiction Narrative.


Participants will:
• review the concept and power of NonFiction Narratives and how they allow students to express what they have learned from the point of view of object/time/event being if it was telling its own story, sharing info learned in a storytelling format
• review how storytelling is different from a report
• review how they can help students find story everywhere as they collaborate on getting a curricular story started through shared docs
• collaborate on a list of curricular topics and story ideas
• review templates and resources provided as well as the tools and formats that can be used for these activities
• view student examples

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