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Melissa Zeitz, Springfield Public School
ISTE affiliate: MassCUE, NEISTE

Melissa Zeitz is in her 20th year as a teacher, working for the past year at Zanetti Montessori School in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the prior 16 years at Liberty Elementary School in Springfield. She specializes in special education, digital literacy and computer science. Zeitz also trains teachers within and outside her district on how to integrate technology and computer science into curriculum. She has led the way in her district, bringing computer science to all students in her school. She’s also the technology and resource coordinator for the CSforAll Springfield grant, and is working with teachers to write a computer science curriculum that can be integrated into other curriculums, and with school leads on the implementation of the curriculum for 11 schools in Springfield. Zeits believes that collaboration, creativity and problem-solving are the foundation for students to become college and career ready. She creates an environment where failure is OK as long as you persevere. This environment has allowed many of her students to step out of their comfort zone and try new things without being afraid to fail. Zeitz has been active with ISTE and MassCue, and is currently president of the Computer Science Teacher Association of Western Massachusetts. She’s a Code.org Fundamental Facilitator, a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert, and actively involved in CSforMA. She earned a master’s in elementary education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her certifications include Massachusetts Elementary Teachers, Massachusetts Instructional Technology, Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science and Massachusetts Mild and Moderate Disabilities.


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