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Andrea Ryan, Stratford hall School

Andrea Ryan is the Idea Lab coordinator at Stratford Hall International Baccalaureate World School in Vancouver. She works with and supports staff and students from kindergarten to grade 12. While the Idea Lab is a physical space with amazing tools and resources that help the school community bring their ideas to life, it also embodies an approach. Along with teaching partner, Meg Penafiel, Ryan believes that creativity can be learned and developed; that improv can help us become better collaborators; that failing fast and failing often can help us develop perseverance and learn other ways of doing things; and that robust prototyping skills can help us communicate, share our ideas and learn what works and what doesn’t. Ryan hopes that students and staff see themselves as empowered problem-finders and solvers who know that anything designed can be redesigned. She is currently completing her master’s in education in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Calgary. Her first year’s coursework focused on collaborative creativity for social innovation and human-centered design, where one highlight was collaboratively building a 22-foot praying mantis with her (remote) cohort!


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