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Present at ISTELive 23

ISTE helps educators around the world use technology to solve tough problems in education. We seek proposals from educators at every career stage, from all backgrounds and all parts of the world, and we love to see student participation in presentations! We also welcome exhibitor proposals that demonstrate non-commercial uses of technology to transform education.

The call for participation for ISTELive 23, June 25-28 in Philadelphia and online, is open! Be sure to check out all the new format options, including playgrounds, campfires, forums and tours. Submit your session idea by Sept. 30, 2022.

New Formats, New Opportunities

New format options mean even more ways for you to participate.

  • Playgrounds: Large-scale, multi-presenter, hands-on learning experiences with a variety of demonstration stations.
  • Campfires: Conversational experiences where educators can meet new people and share best practices and innovative ideas in an “unconference” format.
  • Forums: In-depth, thematic learning experiences curated for a specific audience or around a curriculum focus.
  • Trips/Tours: Off-site excursions with a cultural, educational or historical focus that allow attendees to experience Philadelphia.

How to Create a Proposal That Stands Out

  • Share boldly. Don't just present, share innovation and pedagogical knowledge from your own experience.
  • Be future focused. Choose a trending topic and push the boundaries of current knowledge.
  • Inspire. Empower educators and students to explore and learn new strategies.
  • Engage. Encourage active participation and model best practices. Be so captivating that your audience will leave energized.
  • Show, don’t tell. Demonstrate creative applications of technology and invite the audience to join.
  • Advocate for equity. Share the importance of application and access to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Be inclusive. Choose co-presenters who represent diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.
  • Be objective. Sell an idea, not a product or brand.
  • Innovate. Share your instructional ideas with new modalities and model innovation across education.

Download our submission guide for tips and examples.

Not Ready to Present But Want to be Part of the Program?

If you’d love to contribute to the ISTELive 23 program but don’t have a passion project or topic that’s ready for a full session, there may still be a role for you! Tell us a bit about yourself and your professional expertise, and you could be asked to participate in an experiential learning event at the conference.

The ISTE Program Team will reach out with details if a program experience that fits your profile becomes available!

General Details

  • There is no fee to submit a proposal. We seek ideas from educators at all levels and from all parts of the world.
  • Access your presenter menu to manage proposal submissions.
  • All adult presenters must register to attend the conference in person or online.
  • Student presenters who are under 18 and listed on an accepted session are not required to register.
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions.

ISTELive 22 Acceptance Rates

Format # Submitted # Accepted Acceptance rate
Creation lab 263 154 59%
Ed talk 358 87 24%
Interactive session 419 138 33%
Panel 67 22 33%
Poster 365 145 40%
Research papers 46 31 67%
Snapshot 173 46 27%
Total 1,691 623 37%

Suggest a Mainstage Presenter

Know of a visionary you’d like to see at a future ISTE conference? We’re looking for mainstage presenters who inspire us, amaze us and ignite our passion for learning.

Our mainstage presenters are individuals from any field, including education, who can bring fresh perspectives to our audience in new and exciting ways.

Catch our attention by:

  • Thinking outside the box. ISTELive isn’t your typical education conference.
  • Keeping it simple. Make your case briefly, concisely and with gusto.
  • Sharing examples. Link to videos and articles about your suggested speaker.
  • Offering diverse viewpoints. Tell us how your suggestion inspires, informs and broadens the perspective and practice of all educators.

Don’t be shy — if you’ve got a burning message to share, feel free to recommend yourself!

Stay Informed

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