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Mai Vu, Innovation Center at St. Vrain Valley

Mai Vu is the AI program manager at the St. Vrain Valley School District Innovation Center in Colorado, where her profound passion for artificial intelligence (AI) is interwoven with her commitment to education. Vu is dedicated to guiding high school students in using AI applications to solve real-world problems, equipping them with essential knowledge and hands-on skills. She has guided her students to win the gold medal (2022) and a bronze medal (2023) in the World Artificial Youth Competition (WAICY). She is also a member of the Teacher Advisory Board for the University of Colorado’s National Science Federation (NSF) National AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming (iSAT), where she contributes to developing an AI agent that improves group collaborative educational work. She’s committed to increasing public understanding and awareness of AI, and engages with communities, focusing on demystifying AI and enhancing public knowledge of its capabilities, ensuring that AI is approachable and understandable for all. Prior to her current role, Vu was a middle school computer science teacher for St. Vrain and Boulder Valley School District, specializing in computational thinking. Vu's passion for AI and education extends beyond the United States. For example, she taught computer science in an elementary school in Singapore. Vu says this experience gave her a unique global perspective on technology education, further enriching her teaching and curriculum development approach.


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