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Essential Updates Needed Today for a School’s Digital Strategy

Colorado Convention Center, 709/11

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Al is Chair of a Multi Academy Trust in the UK, and is the author of "My Secret #EdTech Diary", "My School Governance Handbook" and "My School & Multi Academy Trust Growth Guide". He writes internationally and speaks on the effective use of Educational Technology ( EdTech), shaping schools & districts digital strategies, online safety and more . He is a strong advocate of co-production the adoption of and research informed technology and is recognised as a leading EdTech voice and champion. He is also CEO of international EdTech company NetSupport with over 30 years experience working with and in schools.Al Kingsley is a well-known face in the education and EdTech community having spoken at various events. He is an author of three books and co-author of "A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education.” Al is an active writer about all things EdTech with articles published in Education Week, THE Journal, and eSchool News. His unique insight comes from 30+ years of EdTech and governance experience across multiple roles including CEO of NetSupport, chair of Multi-Academy Trusts, chair of his region’s Governors' Leadership Group, and chair of his regional SEND Board.

Session description

Overlooking critical planning elements can cause disruption and frustration due to technology failures. Mr. Kingsley provides tips for updating school district IT plans especially in the age of generative AI so that IT can be a positive contributor to successful student learning.

Purpose & objective

Al Kingsley is a leading thinker on Digital Strategy and a 30-year veteran of the education industry. He has seen technology plans succeed and fail in schools all over the globe. In this session, he brings this global experience to bear and talks about the changes that every district should make in their tech plan now, especially in the age of generative AI. With the unexpected and unforeseen crises and challenges facing districts today, overlooking these critical planning elements could lead to disruption, frustration and the potential failure of technology. Mr. Kingsley provides tips for changes to a district/school digital strategy that positively impact learning and that maximize technology investments. Attendees will leave the sessions feeling confident in how they can evaluate and integrate this new knowledge into their digital plans.

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This session will explore the key elements of a digital plan from the most simplistic to the most sophisticated. Al will open with addressing what is a major source of concern to teachers and technologists today: artificial intelligence. He will invite participants to raise their major issues. He will then take one or two topics to address either in small groups or the full audience (depending on size). The audience will leave with a specific roadmap of strategies to enact in their schools or districts.

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Session specifications

Technology infrastructure & connectivity
Grade level:
Skill level:
Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Principals/head teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices not needed
ISTE Standards:
For Education Leaders:
Visionary Planner
  • Share lessons learned, best practices, challenges and the impact of learning with technology with other education leaders who want to learn from this work.
Systems Designer
  • Lead teams to collaboratively establish robust infrastructure and systems needed to implement the strategic plan.
  • Protect privacy and security by ensuring that students and staff observe effective privacy and data management policies.
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