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Arab Professional In Edtech Affinity Spaces

Colorado Convention Center, 107/9

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Technology Projects Coordinator
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
I’m a mother, a daughter of arab immigrants, a Muslim, a learner, an educator, and a tech nerd. A Technology Projects Coordinator focused on leading a team to design/carry out professional development events for CA adult school educators by offering training opportunities via workshops, webinars, academies, planning, and more.
English Department Chair & Consultant
District 207/ Education Unfiltered
@Sawsan Jaber
Dr. Sawsan Jaber, NBCT is a global educator, equity strategist, curriculum designer, and acclaimed keynote speaker. Currently, she serves as a department chair and equity leader at Maine West HS in Illinois. Dr. Jaber's journey includes founding Education Unfiltered Consulting, facilitating transformative change in schools globally. Her qualifications encompass a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, with emphasis on fostering inclusion and belonging among marginalized communities. Accolades include the 2023 Cook County Teacher of the Year, 2022 IDEA Teacher of the Year, a nominee for the 2023 Illinois Teacher of the Year, and the ISTE 20 to Watch Award for 2023.

Session description

Join us in our second annual Arab Professionals in Edtech Affinity Space. Let’s connect, collaborate and have fun while ventilating topics that are unique to us.

Purpose & objective

The purpose and objectives of an affinity space is to provide a positive, affirming environment for groups, often those who feel marginalized, to come together and engage in open and honest dialogues.

Evidence of success:
The group continuing after ISTE.

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Take some time during the conference to connect with other attendees from your community. ISTELive will feature affinity groups to allow folks to share lived experiences in the education space. Network and build long-term relationships, while sharing your unique perspectives. These sessions will move with the needs of the group, providing an organic space to share and learn from each other.
--From ISTELive23

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Supporting research

Affinity groups are small communities of members who share similar racial identities. Affinity Group members enjoy opportunities during a series of open conversations to discuss shared challenges, brainstorm solutions, identify valuable resources and network with like-minded peers who share a similar racial identity.
--Modified from ASCA Affinity Groups

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Session specifications

Equity and inclusion
Skill level:
Coaches, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Attendee devices:
Devices not needed
ISTE Standards:
For Coaches:
Connected Learner
  • Actively participate in professional learning networks to enhance coaching practice and keep current with emerging technology and innovations in pedagogy and the learning sciences.