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Brooke Brown, Washington High School

Brooke Brown is the 2021 Washington Teacher of the Year. She has spent the past 15 years teaching English language arts and ethnic studies at Washington High School in the Franklin Pierce School District. She uses her classroom to create a brave, inclusive environment that allows students to show up authentically, centering their experiences and encouraging them to develop empathy and compassion for others. Brooke believes that learning is done best in the community. She works to center student experiences and reminds them how much she learns from them too. She advocates for educating the whole child, often using content to teach life lessons and challenge her students to look for ways to improve their communities. She currently serves as the Instructional Equity Specialist in the Franklin Pierce School District. Brooke has been married to her best friend, Eugene Brown, for 17 years and they have 4 children. She is a current doctoral student pursuing her PhD in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. She holds a master’s degree in Education from Pacific Lutheran University and 2 bachelor’s degrees from the University of Washington in Sociology, History, and American Ethnic Studies.


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