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Creating and Managing 3D Printing Projects for Elementary Students

Colorado Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom 4BCD

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Elementary Technology Instructor
Peak to Peak Charter School
Kathleen (she/hers) is a passionate educator with over 25 years of teaching experience. She has served in many different roles over the course of her career in education and taught in a variety of educational settings. She currently teaches K-5 Technology courses at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Colorado. She is the recipient of multiple Innovation Grants to support her work in the creation and implementation of 3D print curriculum in her elementary Technology classroom. She has Master’s degrees in Educational Technology & Curriculum and Instruction along with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

Session description

In an era where technology is reshaping education, the integration of 3D printing has emerged as a transformative tool for enhancing student engagement and fostering creativity. In this session, gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively create and manage 3D print projects tailored to elementary students.

Purpose & objective

The purpose of this session is to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies needed to effectively integrate 3D printing into their elementary classrooms. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to design and manage 3D print projects that enhance student engagement, foster creativity, align with curriculum standards, and accommodate diverse learning needs, ultimately preparing them to be confident and innovative educators in the modern classroom.

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Introduction to the topic: Share current and past 3D print projects I completed with my elementary age students. Students will be on-hand to share their experience in learning the 3D modeling software along with samples of their 3D printed work. (10 minutes)

Introduce Tinkercad: Tutorial on how to use 3D modeling software (Tinkercad) with time for participants to practicing using the software. Students will be on-hand to assist participants in learning how to use this software. (20 minutes)

Ideas for Use: Share personal projects and online resources to help teachers design lessons that incorporate 3D printing. Give participants time to brainstorm ideas and explore online resources. (20 minutes)

Managing Projects: Share how I manage workflow of 3D print projects for 450+ students. (5 minutes)

Q&A: Time for participants to ask questions (5 minutes)

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Supporting research

The book Invent To Learn really inspired me to explore new technologies, including 3D printing. I found several resources throughout this book help in my journey incorporate 3D printing into my elementary Technology curriculum. To learn more about these resources, please visit

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Session specifications

Maker activities and programs
Grade level:
Skill level:
Library media specialists, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices required
Attendee device specification:
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Participant accounts, software and other materials:
Subject area:
Career and technical education, STEM/STEAM
ISTE Standards:
For Educators:
  • Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.
  • Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.