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Education Outreach Director
The MY HERO Project
After teaching for 29 years, and integrating MY HERO Resouces in my classes, I joined the My HERO Project as the Education Outreach Director, working with teachers and students around the world. I have attended, and been a presenter, at previous ISTE conferences as well as global conferences in Canada, Taiwan, Brazil, Morroco, and the United States.

Session description

Discover & share stories of HEROES from around the globe. MY HERO's FREE online library includes thousands of inspiring stories, art and films made by students & professionals. Join with educators around the world taking part in this global storytelling project. Lesson plans, tutorials and resources are available to help get started.

Purpose & objective

Heroes give us hope and inspiration. In our globally connected world, we have a great opportunity to learn from one another, to exchange stories, art, and films that honor those who are tackling the great challenges of our time and working to improve the quality of life for all. We use media, art, and technology on MY HERO to celebrate the best of humanity, one story at a time. Together with teachers and students, professional writers, artists, and filmmakers, we have been building an online library of hope that is used in classrooms around the world. Students are encouraged to become reporters and to use their skills as writers, artists, and filmmakers to shine a light on local and global heroes in their lives. Teachers have access to tutorials, and lesson plans curated by the MY HERO staff, as well as other resources, that are available in the MY HERO Teachers Room. Educators are given access to tools to manage and curate their students' work and to create media playlists from our library filled with thousands of stories, art, and films to enrich learning in their classrooms around the world. MY HERO is an online journal, library, and storytelling platform that is child-friendly, commercial-free, and serves as a resource for millions of students and life learners online around the world.

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This session will start with an introduction to The MY HERO Project and ways that educators globally are integrating MY HERO into the curriculum. This will include a tour of the MY HERO Teachers Room's lesson plans, resources, and tutorials. Participants will register for a MY HERO Educator Account in order to curate content on a webpage organizer during this session. (15 minutes)
How to search for content in the MY HERO multimedia library and create a webpage organizer of resources to use in the classroom will be reviewed. Participants will be guided to start their own web page organizer. (5 minutes)
Participants will work on curating resources to use in the classroom and insert content in their webpage organizer for use with students with facilitator guidance. (20 minutes)
The closing activity will be the media they found and ways they are going to use it with their students. (5 minutes)

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Supporting research

MY HERO annually participates in numerous global conferences including the global conference and youth summit. MY HERO is featured in the Institute for Democratic Education in America's web site. We have presented over the years at several ISTE conferences in the Global Gallery. Our book, My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them was published by Simon and Schuster in 2005 and includes essays from Mohamed Ali, Senator John Glen, Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai and more. Creating Standards-Based Integrated Curriculum: The Common Core State by Susan M. Drake includes MY HERO as a resource. There are over 1000 educational websites that link to MY HERO as a resource. Our library of over 3000 short films enriches learning in classrooms around the globe. Winners from our international film festival include Sal Khan, Esther Wojcicki, and more. We have been building Media Arts Resources to help teachers and students make short hero films. MY HERO has grown with support from teachers, students, and parents around the globe.

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Session specifications

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Skill level:
Library media specialists, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
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Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
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Language arts, Science
ISTE Standards:
For Educators:
  • Establish a learning culture that promotes curiosity and critical examination of online resources and fosters digital literacy and media fluency.
  • Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.
  • Model and nurture creativity and creative expression to communicate ideas, knowledge or connections.