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Latino Professionals in Education Affinity Space

Colorado Convention Center, Bluebird Ballroom 3AB

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Assistant Principal
Palm Springs Unified School District
@Ruby Rivera
Ruby Rivera is an influential educator and administrator within the Palm Springs Unified School District, California. Her diverse roles span classroom teacher to District Family Engagement Coordinator, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing educational outcomes. Holding advanced degrees from the University of California, Irvine, and UCLA, Rivera excels in developing parent and community engagement initiatives, instructional technology, and program development. Recognized for her leadership in educational innovation, she has contributed significantly to professional development and technology integration in education. Rivera's work, underpinned by a lifelong passion for learning, embodies her dedication to fostering inclusive, supportive educational environments.

Session description

This session aims to bring together Latino educators from various backgrounds to share experiences, challenges, and successes in a supportive and understanding environment. Participants will engage in meaningful discussions, networking, and collaborative problem-solving, all focused on enhancing the representation and influence of Latino professionals in the education sector.

Purpose & objective

Our presentation is designed with the critical aim of empowering Latino educators by fostering a robust platform for dialogue, sharing experiences, and strategizing on overcoming common challenges. This initiative seeks to bolster a sense of community among educators, enhance their leadership capabilities, and champion educational equity.

At the heart of our objectives is the ambition to deepen participants' understanding of the equity challenges that disproportionately impact Latino students and educators. We aim to illuminate systemic barriers and collaboratively explore viable strategies for dismantling these obstacles. A key component of our session will introduce educators to specific tools and platforms that are instrumental in fostering an inclusive educational environment. Moreover, attendees will be equipped with actionable lesson plans and strategies for creating culturally responsive classrooms that leverage technology to cater to diverse student needs.

The measure of success for this presentation will be reflected in the positive feedback from participants, the practical application of discussed strategies in educational settings, and the tangible improvement in student engagement and outcomes where these methodologies have been implemented. Planned follow-up sessions will further gauge the long-term effectiveness of the presentation, ensuring it serves as a catalyst for sustained dialogue, collaboration, and action towards more equitable and inclusive educational practices for Latino communities. This session is envisioned not merely as a singular event but as an ongoing commitment to fostering dialogue and action that supports equity and inclusion in education for Latino students and educators.

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Introduction (10 minutes)

Welcome and session objectives overview
Brief icebreaker activity to foster community building among participants
Introduction to the current landscape of equity challenges faced by Latino students and educators

Understanding Equity Challenges (15 minutes)

Presentation on systemic barriers impacting Latino students and educators
Sharing of personal experiences by participants, highlighting specific challenges encountered in their educational settings
Group discussion on common themes and experiences
Strategies for Overcoming Challenges (15 minutes)

Small group activity: Participants brainstorm and share how they might implement strategies in their own contexts

Fostering Leadership and Advocacy (10 minutes)

Discussion on enhancing leadership capabilities among Latino educators
Strategies for advocating for educational equity within schools and districts
Role-playing activity: Practicing advocacy strategies in hypothetical scenarios
Measuring Success and Building for the Future (5 minutes)

Criteria for measuring the success of the session's outcomes
Introduction to planned follow-up sessions and how they will support the ongoing dialogue and action
Conclusion and Action Steps (5 minutes)

Recap of key takeaways and session objectives
Encouragement for participants to apply learned strategies in their educational settings
Invitation for feedback to assess immediate session impact and guide future sessions
Closing remarks, emphasizing the session as the beginning of an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion

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Supporting research

"Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain" by Zaretta Hammond: This book offers a deep dive into the neuroscience behind culturally responsive teaching and provides a practical framework for implementing these practices in the classroom.

"The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children" by Gloria Ladson-Billings: Although focused on African American children, this book's principles of culturally relevant pedagogy are applicable and critical for all students, including Latino students.

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Session specifications

Equity and inclusion
Skill level:
Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices not needed
ISTE Standards:
For Education Leaders:
Equity and Citizenship Advocate
  • Ensure all students have skilled teachers who actively use technology to meet student learning needs.