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Scaling GenAI | Building Tomorrow from Lessons Learned Today

Colorado Convention Center, Bluebird Ballroom 3C

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Dr. Julie A. Evans is the CEO of Project Tomorrow ( and leads the organization’s research efforts on the impacts of digital and mobile technologies on student learning and teacher effectiveness. She is a graduate of Brown University and earned her doctorate in educational leadership from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Evans is a frequent speaker and writer on emerging technologies in K-12 and higher education. She is the author of the new book, Free Agent Learning – Leveraging Students’ Self-Directed Learning to Transform K-12 Education. Dr. Evans is a past member of the ISTE Board of Directors.
Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc.
Amos Fodchuk' professional passion centers on innovation and sustainable organizational change. Since 2009, he has served as President and Founder of Advanced Learning Partnerships–or ALP–an educational consulting firm with hundreds of active partnerships across Virginia, the United States and Canada. He is at ISTELive24 to share insights around the emerging perceptions and needs of the purposeful integration of generative AI through learner-centered and systems-level lenses.
Education Strategist Manager
CDW Edcation
Wendy is a lifelong educator with extensive district leadership experience. As a former education strategist, she supports the team as they provide educational and thought leadership, empower digital transformation, and build relationships that impact teaching and learning for our CDW Education customers. M.Ed, CETL

Session description

Hosted by CDW-G.
This spring, ALP partnered with Project Tomorrow to capture the voices of education leaders regarding aspirations, concerns, and needs associated with Gen AI. Join us to explore insights from this survey, with an emphasis on assisting K-12 leaders in creating the readiness conditions for communication, literacy, and purposeful integration.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members