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PAECT Preconference Innovator Mystery

Ben Franklin is missing! No, not that Ben Franklin – he's been gone for over 200 years.

Matt Dumark, one of the most sought-after Ben Franklin impersonators in the business, was slated to give the opening remarks at the Philadelphia Impersonators and Entertainers (PIE) conference, but no one can seem to find him. His son, Guy Dumark, is too wrapped up in his fiancee, Monet Gruber. His ex-wife, Sheila Dumark, hasn't spoken to him in years. And his agent, Sam Starshine, hasn't heard from him in days.

Can YOU sift through the clues and figure out who nabbed this innovative actor?

Join PAECT, the Pennsylvania ISTE affiliate, as we hunt down clues to this mystery and solve the issues we face in our educational roles. Hear from inspiring speakers, learn about solutions that are working in schools across Pennsylvania, and meet and mingle with education professionals who want to solve the mysteries of education. You’ll learn how to incorporate leadership, advocacy, development and connections to the ISTE Standards, all while discovering your next clue!

A great keynote, targeted breakouts and professional networking await you at this event! You'll collect and share clues to our missing Ben Franklin – like who did it, where and how! Plus, you might just win a prize!