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Tools to Support Digital Book Cover Creation

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table 1

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Session description

Students already know that an impressive cover can make a book stand out on the shelf. This session will cover how you can challenge your students to be illustrators for the day by designing their own digital book covers. We'll dive into the different programs out there and describe their features!

Purpose & objective

Teachers inevitably always have one or two students who just don't share the passion for literature and reading in general. Adding a component to a traditional ELA lesson, such as a digital book creation, gives these students a chance to show their understanding and creativity.

This session will focus on a variety of tools for digital book cover creation including Book Creator, Canva among others. Each one of these tools will be explored in depth and educators will leave the session with links to access these sites and the initial steps for getting started. They will also have exemplars to share with students to inspire them along the way.

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1. "Shout it Out" Hook Activity (Presenter led with audience participation)
2. Introduction (Presenter led)
3. General Suggestions for Best Outcomes (Presenter led)
4. Deeper Dive into Digital Tools (Google Drawings, Canva, Book Creator) (Presenter led with hands-on exploration)
5. Steps for Sharing Projects with Others (Presenter led)
6. Suggested Extension Activities (Presenter led)
7. Resources (Presenter led)
8. Q & A/Application

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Supporting research,

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Session specifications

Creativity & curation tools
Grade level:
Skill level:
Teachers, Curriculum/district specialists, Library media specialists
Attendee devices:
Devices useful
Attendee device specification:
Laptop: Chromebook, PC, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials:
No software or applications are required to be downloaded prior to the session because part of the session will focus on access and getting started on the suggested applications/sites.
Subject area:
Language arts, STEM/STEAM
ISTE Standards:
For Educators:
  • Set professional learning goals to explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology and reflect on their effectiveness.
  • Advocate for equitable access to educational technology, digital content and learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.
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