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ISTE Campfire

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 119AB

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Senior Director Event Content
Senior Events Manager
Megan McMahon is a senior events manager with ISTE, helping shape amazing educator content and experiences like the Creative Constructor Lab. She also spent time as a teacher resident with IDEO’s The Teachers Guild, taught in San Francisco Unified School District for 10 years as an arts educator, facilitated experiential learning workshops as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, and was a co-founder of Beyond Borders Storytelling. McMahon is also an artist and is always seeking outdoor time in the sun. She believes changes in education will come from inside school communities, from the ground up.

Session description

ISTE Campfires are unconference-style gatherings that provide a unique and dynamic approach to professional development allowing educators to drive their own learning and connect in conversation around a similar interest. On the day of the event, attendees will create the conversation topics based on their interests and needs. This approach puts the power of learning directly in the hands of the participants and allows for a more personalized and meaningful experience. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and discuss best practices, success stories and challenges related to their learning environments. This interactive conversation-focused session will allow attendees to share their own experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another in a supportive and collaborative environment.

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