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Deep and Joyful Hands-On Learning with Creative Robotics

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 203AB

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Learning and Community Manager
BirdBrain Technologies
Sarah FitzHenry is an educator working to provide equitable and engaging educational experiences for all students. As the Learning and Community Manager for BirdBrain Technologies, she connects, supports, and empowers educators all over the world as they bring creative robotics into their classrooms. Sarah is a tech geek, maker, writer, volunteer, and co-host of the Once Upon a Tech podcast. A Jane-of-all-trades, she can be found in Charlottesville, Virginia making mistakes, learning new things, and asking a lot of questions.

Session description

Explore how you can incorporate more deep and joyful hands-on learning into your classes with creative robotics. Any subject, any grade level, any academic standard - the only limit is your imagination. Get hands-on with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit and leave with tons of free resources to get the deep and joyful learning started right away.

Session specifications

Project-, problem- & challenge-based learning