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Presenting at ISTELive 24

The call for participation is now closed. For information about how proposals are reviewed, please see the submission guide. Acceptance and regret notifications will be sent via email, and your proposal status will be updated on your presenter menu by the end of January. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!

Call for New Ideas Opens Soon!

If you missed the chance to submit a session proposal this fall, there’s a solution! Our Call for New Ideas will open this winter, and you can submit a session idea for a range of formats like lightning talks, ignite sessions, campfire chats, a planned museum and more.

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ISTELive 23 Acceptance Rates

Format # Submitted # Accepted Acceptance Rate
Creation lab 320 144 45%
Edtalk 403 116 29%
Interactive session 510 185 36%
Panel 94 24 26%
Poster 473 309 65%
Research paper 75 45 60%
Snapshot 216 59 27%
Total 2,091 882 42%

Suggest a Mainstage Presenter

Know of a visionary you’d like to see at a future ISTE conference? We’re looking for Mainstage presenters who inspire us, amaze us and ignite our passion for learning.

Our Mainstage presenters are individuals from any field, including education, who can bring fresh perspectives to our audience in new and exciting ways.

Catch our attention by:

  • Thinking outside the box. ISTELive isn’t your typical education conference.
  • Keeping it simple. Make your case briefly, concisely and with gusto.
  • Sharing examples. Link to videos and articles about your suggested speaker.
  • Offering diverse viewpoints. Tell us how your suggestion inspires, informs and broadens the perspective and practice of all educators.

Don’t be shy — if you’ve got a burning message to share, feel free to recommend yourself!

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