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Podcasting: A Platform for Empowerment, Communication and Social-Emotional Learning

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 204C

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Director of School Counseling
Colgan HS, Prince William County Schools
Claire Handville is the Director of School Counseling at Colgan High School in Prince William County, VA. She believes in embedding social emotional learning into school curriculum and culture so that students and staff can find meaning and belonging. Only when students and staff feel valued and supported can we improve school outcomes. Claire is intentional in finding ways to integrate technology and podcasting to enhance communication and connection leading to cultivated community. She is an avid reader and a die-hard Florida Gator fan.
Instructional TechnologyCoach
Gainesville High School, PWCS, VA
Daniel is in his 8th year as an instructional technology coach. Previously a math teacher and VSTE teacher of the year award winner, Daniel‘s focus now has largely been on the implementation of teacher tools in the classroom to change how students have access to and are assessed on content objectives. Finding ways for students to become content creators as a means of displaying their course knowledge has been an increased item of focus. Areas of concentration and expertise include: Khan Academy Ambassador, Common Sense Ambassador, Nearpod Certified Educator, Edpuzzle Certified Coach, Flipgrid Certified, & Google Certified Educator.
Student Success Coordinator
Charles J. Colgan High School
Mr. Billy is the technology coach at Colgan HS.His career began as a special education teacher at PACE West School, followed as the instructional technology coach at Ellis Elementary School, and opened Colgan High School, a school with a fine and performing arts specialty program. Mr. Watts is passionate about mentoring students to build healthy relationships, developing student voice through digital communication, and working with educators to connect the classroom to impact in the outside world. He is a giant AV nerd and does a decent Cookie Monster impression.

Session description

Integrating podcasting into school cultures provides behind-the-scenes conversations that increase community, meaning and agency. We'll discuss how podcasting empowers students/staff, enhances connection, leverages the expertise/leadership of educators and incorporates SEL. We'll share our stories as well as practical ideas, and use our presentation as demonstration of use.

Purpose & objective

In this session, participants will engage in discussions on how podcasting can be used to build community & enhance connections, construct cultural meaning & expand social emotional learning capacity, and leverage expertise & leadership of educators. Stories of success as well as potential challenges and obstacles will also be forecasted. Attendees will understand how to integrate podcasting into schools as social emotional learning supports in order to increase student well-being leading to improved academic achievement, increased attendance rates, and higher levels of voice and agency. Through an interactive experience being able to experiment with the podcasting equipment hands-on, participants will have an increased level of comfort and removal of barriers for immediate implementation.

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Through a conversation and storytelling, content will be divided into four components (approximately 10 minutes each)-- podcasting to empower, as a communication tool, as a professional development library, and to expand social emotional learning. Following ideas and examples, with interaction from participants, we will discuss how to get started, both logistically as well as planning out the podcasts (approximately 15 minutes). Also included throughout the session will be peer-to-peer interactions as well as participant-to-presenter engagement for sharing ideas and collaborating. The entire session will be recorded on a podcast by the presenters and participants who are willing.

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Supporting research

Research from articles and websites will be shared. Examples include the amount of time individuals spent on devices consuming content as well as the increased accessibility and decreased resources needed when comparing podcasting to in-person events & engagement. Mental health data points will also be shared on well-being, connection, and small group conversations. Presenters will also share data points from needs assessments and objective measures that show the affect on closing both academic and social emotional gaps in strategic plans and continuous improvement plans.

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Session specifications

Communication & collaboration
Grade level:
Skill level:
Coaches, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Attendee devices:
Devices not needed
ISTE Standards:
For Education Leaders:
Empowering Leader
  • Empower educators to exercise professional agency, build teacher leadership skills and pursue personalized professional learning.
Systems Designer
  • Lead teams to collaboratively establish robust infrastructure and systems needed to implement the strategic plan.
Connected Learner
  • Use technology to regularly engage in reflective practices that support personal and professional growth.