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Creating Space for Creation and Exploration With Apple Technology

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table 12

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Instructional Technology Specialist
Creighton School District
Caitlin Murphy is an Instructional Technology Specialist in 🌵, AZ! She believes technology can be leveraged to bring creativity and fun to the classroom. As a former special education teacher, she is dedicated to accessibility and transforming learning environments within a Universal Design for Learning framework. Have any questions? Reach Caitlin on Twitter (caitlinmurphy94) or by email:! Credentials: - Apple Learning Coach - Seesaw Ambassador - Google Educator Level 1 and 2 - Newsela Certified Trainer
Technology Trainer
Creighton School District

Session description

Learn the structure and organization of the Everyone Can Create Apple Playground, an interactive professional learning opportunity for teachers to use Apple Technology and the Everyone Can Create Books. View samples of how teachers can implement creative and innovative ways to support educational outcomes across all content areas.
Grade level: PK-12
Skill level: Beginner

Purpose & objective

Educational challenges:
Not enough time for hands-on opportunities for educators to engage with creativity
Infusing creativity into the classroom utilizing Apple technology
Alignment of creative projects to curriculum

Participant Objectives:
Participants will learn how to develop and organize a professional development focused on participant choice.
Participants will learn how to utilize the Everyone Can Create books to leverage creativity within the classroom.
Participants will learn how to apply curricular content within the creativity tools in the Apple apps.

Apple Apps: Keynote, GarageBand, Numbers, iMovie, Clips, Photos
Everyone Can Create book series

Instructional activities:
Everyone Can Create- Drawing:
App: Pages - Simple Drawing and Line Draw Animation
App: Pages - Doodle Shapes (Ch. 1, Activity 2, pp. 10-11)
App: Keynote - Scenery and backgrounds
App: Numbers - Sketchnoting and Doodle Dictionary (Ch. 2 - Doodle Art, pp.17-23

Everyone Can Create- Music:
App: GarageBand - Recording a Podcast in chapter one.

Everyone Can Create - Photos
Chapter 1 - Everyday Objects, pp. 6-13
Chapter 5 - Collage Composition - Activity 1- Pictorialize your name, pp. 38-40
Chapter 7 - Animated GIFS - Activity 1 - Morph a photo, pp. 61-66

Everyone Can Create - Video
Your First Movie

Evidence of Success:
Coaches can make insights into creativity curation within their districts and how to implement professional support for teachers to be hands-on. In addition, if the audience is able to connect creativity products to the curriculum taught within the school district.

Learner Outcomes:
Attendees will learn how to develop hands-on professional development, aligned with the learning and district curriculum, in developing student agency and choice within creativity formats. Attendees will learn how to host a playground using resources that support educators.

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Content and activities: Planning resources, agenda creation, Everyone Can Create series and final products. The audience will participate by asking questions regarding how the Apple Playground was structured.

Time: Planning resources (3 mins), agenda creation (3 mins), Everyone Can Create series (5 mins), final products /success (5 mins).

Process: Peer-to-peer interaction, questions, question board (link from QR code to ask questions throughout the day), final products/success data (scannable from QR)

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Supporting research

5 Reasons why it is more important than ever to teach creativity:,between%20subjects%20%E2%80%94%20in%20their%20students.

Creativity in the Classroom:

Apple Education: “After 40 years working alongside educators, we’ve seen — and research has shown — that creative expression leads to deeper student engagement. And when students are more engaged, they take more ownership of their learning. Students become better problem solvers, communicators, and collaborators. They explore more and experiment more. They tell richer stories and find their own unique voices. They stretch their imaginations and make connections they might not otherwise make — and carry all these skills through everything they’ll do in school. And beyond.”

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Session specifications

Creativity & curation tools
Coaches, Curriculum/district specialists, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices useful
Attendee device specification:
Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Subject area:
Language arts, Science
ISTE Standards:
For Coaches:
Learning Designer
  • Collaborate with educators to develop authentic, active learning experiences that foster student agency, deepen content mastery and allow students to demonstrate their competency.
  • Help educators use digital tools to create effective assessments that provide timely feedback and support personalized learning.

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