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Infinite Possibilities — Grant-Powered PD

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 120A

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Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Trinity Area School District
@Constance DeMore Savine
A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Constance DeMore Savine has proudly served as an educator for 27 years. She is a licensed principal and curriculum specialist (K-12), educational consultant, adjunct professor, and qualitative researcher. Dr. DeMore currently works as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Trinity Area School District in Washington, PA. There, she oversees teaching and learning, and provides professional development to teachers and administrators.
Director, Online Learning
Liz Miller Lee is the Director of Online Learning at ISTE. She leads ISTE U, ISTE’s online professional learning initiative, to help educators build the confidence, tools and strategies to accelerate innovation in their schools through a variety of online courses. Liz has an EdM in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BA in anthropology from the University of Virginia. She is passionate about transforming K-12 education through technology to promote student equity and success.
Director of Technology & Innovation
Trinity Area School District
@Samantha Shinsky
Samantha Shinsky serves as the Director of Technology and Innovation at Trinity Area School District where she works to seamlessly integrate information technologies and educational technologies to ensure all students have access to a high-quality, 21st Century education. This significant task is managed through the employment of vision, purposeful planning (infrastructure, budgeting, and implementation), educator professional development and support, and continuous learning, Having progressed from an educator to a technology leader, Samantha contributes a unique technological perspective in which student learning is always at the forefront.

Session description

Trinity School District partnered with ISTE to enroll all 280 educators in the ISTEU course "An Introduction to Computational Thinking for Every Educator." Participants will trace Trinity’s journey to find solutions through partnership and learn how the possibilities are infinite when educators become equipped to teach the next generation of computational thinkers.

Purpose & objective

As a result of engaging in the presentation, participants will be able to:
- Explain how data gleaned from a comprehensive audit of curriculum informed a deep analysis of student achievement data, and take steps to complete their own in-house curriculum audit.

- Recognize the importance of transfer of understanding in regards to teaching and learning, and explain why students struggle to transfer their understanding of core concepts and how to perform essential skills to authentic contexts beyond the classroom setting.

- Articulate that computational thinking weaves as a thread throughout 21st Century learning experiences.

- Identify the steps one school district took to partner strategically with ISTE and improve student achievement across all subject areas and grade levels.

- Draw conclusions about teachers as adult learners based upon the empirical and anecdotal data presented; and

- Envision a way to partner with ISTE for the purpose of making district-wide change.

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Our presentation will include the following components:

- We will begin by sharing a description of our partnership with ISTE, the purpose behind our work together, and the specific contents of our presentation (identified below). - Approximately 5 minutes - Participants will view Google slides with information as we share out.

- We will share our story:
How we came to learn that partnering with ISTE to provide professional development was critical for equipping our educators to teach 21st Century skills in a meaningful, relevant way;
How we organized and facilitated the PD for approximately 275 teachers;
What we proved to be a success;
What we wish we knew in hindsight; and
Our next steps.
- Approximately 45 minutes - Participants will view Google slides with information as we share out. As we share, participants will be provided with tools / resources to take notes, record their thoughts, and comment/question in real time: Metacognitive Log & Access to Jamboard

- We will allow time for questions and answers. - Approximately 10 minutes - We will reference the comments/questions participants make/ask in real time and respond to the common ones to help participants begin to envision how they might work similarly with ISTE should they wish to provide district-wide PD on computational thinking.

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Supporting research

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Session specifications

Professional learning
Skill level:
Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Curriculum/district specialists, Principals/head teachers
Attendee devices:
Devices not needed
ISTE Standards:
For Educators:
  • Set professional learning goals to explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology and reflect on their effectiveness.
  • Pursue professional interests by creating and actively participating in local and global learning networks.
  • Stay current with research that supports improved student learning outcomes, including findings from the learning sciences.