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Four Tips to Grow an Unforgettable Community

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 114 (Nutter Theater)

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English Language Coach, MIEE Fellow
Nelann (pronounced nell-ahn) serves the St. John the Baptist Parish Schools community (approximately 40 miles west of New Orleans) as an English Language Coach. Passionate about languages and technology, she thrives in merging the two worlds together for all learners! Nelann has been a high school Spanish teacher, athletic coach, mentor teacher, and technology lead. She is an aspiring polyglot and is passionate about building communities. She is the founder of @MIEE_Louisiana on Twitter, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a three-time Fellow, representing the Gulf Coast Team.

Session description

The letter U is in the center of commUnity, meaning building one is primarily about YOU. In this innovative session on collaboration and communication, we will explore four unique tips and sure ways to spark the connection you're looking for with unparalleled tools to grow an unforgettable community.

Purpose & objective

The purpose of my presentation is to encourage guests to understand that U is at the center of commUnity, and they are the center of their community building. Four agencies will be shared to provide an unforgettable experience:
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Bookings
Microsoft Flip
Bonus: Canva for Edu

Learners will see living examples of how to construct a Microsoft Team, how I created and co-collaborated with staff and students to grow various communities, and how to develop their own Team.

Learners will connect with me using the live Bookings tool and create their calendars to provide feedback, personalized learning, and coaching experiences to colleagues or students.

Learners will participate in and create their own Wakelet collection and Flip recordings to understand how connections and community is grown by partnering and engaging all parties involved in successful education.

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Introduction, Motivation (3-5 minutes)

Exploration/ Collaborative Activity (5 minutes) - Wakelet

How to use Wakelet to build community. I will share examples of spaces where I have created content to engage and connect with classroom students, the school-wide student body, staff, families, and community stakeholders, and even for personal use.
(15 minutes)

Brain Break (1-minute activity)

Timing, Planning, and Personalized Instruction with Microsoft Bookings. Guests will be given a link to explore Bookings to connect with me - through the Wakelet or the personalized Teams app. We will walk through the Microsoft Learn Educator Center to see tutorials or where to find help.
(15 minutes)

Brain Break (1-minute activity)

Microsoft Teams - the hub of all communication: Teams for school/work. Teams for personal use. (Connecting with school families, clubs, and personal use.) Guests will see a live demo of what the app looks like (desktop and web versions) and how to create spaces where all feel welcome.
(15 minutes)

Brain Break (1-minute activity)

Microsoft Flip - watch and then respond by video or voice recording and brainstorm ideas on how this platform could increase community growth among students and colleagues. (10 minutes)

Wrap-Up/ QNA (5-10 minutes)

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Supporting research

Personal research on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Previous presentations on these and similar technology tools to build community.

Miriam Webster dictionary definitions.

Personal interviews with colleagues and co-workers on the importance of building community.

What team building looked like (trusting activities) years ago compared to its digital fingerprint now.

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Session specifications

Innovative learning environments
Grade level:
Skill level:
Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Coaches, Teachers
Attendee devices:
Devices required
Attendee device specification:
Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials:
Flip, Wakelet, Microsoft Teams, Outlook (personal email), Canva
Subject area:
ELL, World languages
ISTE Standards:
For Coaches:
Change Agent
  • Connect leaders, educators, instructional support, technical support, domain experts and solution providers to maximize the potential of technology for learning.
  • Personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning.
Digital Citizen Advocate
  • Partner with educators, leaders, students and families to foster a culture of respectful online interactions and a healthy balance in their use of technology.