Company Description

**Hello, we’re Texthelp... We believe that literacy is every student’s passport to academic, social and professional success. It’s our genuine desire to help students understand, learn and express themselves. Our suite of smart, user-friendly, literacy, language, and STEM tools for personalized learning allow your students to pick and choose the functionality that supports their unique needs and preferences, enabling them to fully engage with the subject matter and excel in the classroom. Texthelp software continues to be used daily by millions of students and educators throughout schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

Our booth staff include;

Kathleen Colburn, an industry leader in literacy and STEM software, as well as a Google Certified Trainer. Speak to Kathleen about our products Read&Write, PDF Reader and Fluency Tutor.

Louis Shanafelt, EquatIO Product Manager. Prior to Texthelp, he taught elementary school, middle school mathematics, and secondary math for 20+ years.

Mark Schwartz, WriQ Product Manager, Texthelp’s online assessment tool for Google Docs. He taught at both middle and high school levels for 15+ years, and has a passion for making teachers’ jobs a little easier while improving the writing skills of students at all ages and skill levels.**

Product Categories

  1. Administrative and Assessment Technology
  2. Classroom Technologies
  3. Curriculum and Instructional Tools
  4. Higher Education Products and Services

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