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Profile templates and platform overview

Start planning your ISTELive 21 Solutions Partner experience now! Read on for more information about Solutions Hub participation packages and the virtual event platform.

Still deciding? If you are considering which participation level is right for your company, you can compare packages here.

Solutions Hub profile page templates

These profile templates include descriptions and creative specifications to help you develop materials and resources now to build out your profile page. The profile builder tool will be available in the Exhibitor Services Portal in mid April and will be the sole means to submit creative materials for ISTELive 21. Please do not email any files or profile content to Exhibit Management as they will not be acted upon. Please download the template associated with your current participation level and reference the included creative specifications to get started.

Partner Package

Showcase your brand through resource sharing and access to the full engagement tool suite. Key benefits include a welcome video, collateral uploads, lead capture, chat tools and meeting scheduling.

Download the Partner Package profile template as a planning reference.

Premier Package

In addition to the benefits from the Partner Package, the Premier Package offers multiple session opportunities in the official program during dedicated Solutions Hub time and additional resource visibility options.

Download the Premier Package profile template as a planning reference.

Solutions Hub Sponsors and Tiered Sponsors

Building on the benefits from the Premier Package, Solutions Hub Sponsors and tiered sponsors receive additional content sharing opportunities and expanded profile options. Visibility throughout the platform is strengthened through marketing credits, participation in games and sponsor acknowledgement.

Download the Solutions Hub Sponsor and Tiered Sponsor profile template as a planning reference.

Platform overview

The ISTELive 21 platform is a custom build and we are excited to expand on the foundation laid during ISTE20 Live to offer a retooled experience for the Solutions Hub (expo) that positions our industry partners as content experts.

Review the platform overview video below including a tour of the ISTE20 Live conference platform and details on some of the updates we are looking forward to implementing for ISTELive 21!